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Bath Salts for Detox with Rose scent 50ml

Enjoy a relaxing bath using a compination of Epsom and Himalayan salts, which are rich in minerals , iron and magnesium. Rose scented bath salts help detoxifying the skin and tighten pores. They offer well-being and soft sklin.USE: Fill the bath half..


Body Butter with Milk and Rose 250ml

Body butter with olive oil, rose's extracts and milk. The Olive oil rich in antioxidant ingredients offers hydration and protection. The rose's extracts help to remove the dryness, activate skin collagen, reduce the signs of aging and in combination ..


Mini Body Butter with Donkey Milk and Rose 60ml

Body butter which contains donkey milk and rose extracts. Donkey's Milk nourishes and hydrates the skin. The rose's extracts, which is rich in Vitamin C, activates the skin's collagen reducing the fine lines and the wrinkles. Moisturizes and removes ..


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