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Toothpaste with Olive oil and Cretan Dittany 75ml

Toothpaste with 98% natural ingredients. It contains olive oil, dittany, and bioflavonoids from bitter orange. The dittany offers antiseptic action and gum protection, while bioflavonoids from bitter orange offer antimicrobial and antibacterial prote..


Traditional Soap with Pure Olive Oil 100gr

Traditional Olive OIl soap for face and body. Deeply moisturizes the skin giving softness...


Traditional Soap with Olive Oil and Aloe 100gr

Traditional Olive Oil soap with Aloe's frangrance. A natural composition ideal for face and body that gives hydration and tonifying the skin, while the beneficial properties of aloe prevent the appearance of skin diseases...


Traditional Soap with Olive Oil and Pomegranate 100gr

Traditional soap with olive oil and pomegranate frangrance. Ideal for face and body cleansing. Deeply moisturizes the skin and its pomegranate extracts content offers andioxidant properties to the skin. ..


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