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Body butter with Argan oil - Antiaging 75ml

Body butter with antiaging action. It contains argan oil, organic olive oil, avocado oil, shea butter and beeswax. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids which nourish the skin. The argan oil which is contianed has anti aging properties, as it preven..


Body butter with Avocado oil - Nourishing 75ml

Body butter for nourishment and hydration. It contains avocado oil, almond oil, organic olive oil, shea butter and organic beeswax. A natural composition that gives vitamins and andioxidant properties that help the skin to maintain its youthful appea..


Body Butter with Pomegranate extracts - Antioxidant 75ml

Body butter with pomegranate extracts and organic olive oil. It contains pomegranate extracts, organic olive oil, almond oil, sesame oil, shea butter and organic beeswax. Its composition offers antioxidant properties, nourishment and deep hydration t..


Hand and Body cream with Argan 50ml

Moisturizing hand and body cream. It contains argan oil, organic olive oil, and shea butter. Its ingredients enhance skin tightening, reduces wrinkles and restores skin elasticity, as a result to maintain its youthful appearance. It is easily absorbe..


Hand and Body cream with Avocado 50ml

Gentle hand and body cream which contains organic olive oil, avocado oil and shea butter.  A moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging cream. Olive oil offers anti-aging  properties as it contains antioxidants that prevent the signs of aging...


Hand and Body cream with Donkey Milk 50ml

Hand and Body cream with donkey milk and Cretan Organic Olive Oil. Donkey Milk, which is rich in vitamins offers antioxidant and antiaging action on the skin. Prevents the sings of aging while its use is suitable for skin deseases and sensitivities s..


Hand and Body cream with Pomegranate 50ml

Hand and body cream with gentle texture, which contains organic olive oil and pomegranate extracts. The olive oil and the pomegranate extracts are ingredients which has rich antioxidant properties and prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the hands ..


Mini Boby Butter with Olive Oil and Aloe Vera 60ml

Body butter with olive oil and aloe. It cares and moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and radiant. Aloe, known for its soothing,healing and moisturizing properties offers to the skin velvety and soft texture...


Mini Boby Butter with Olive Oil and Dittany 60ml

Body butter enriched with Cretan Dittany, organic olive oil, sunflower oil and panthenol. Dittany helps to reduce cellulite, tightens the skin removing signs of aging and wrinkles. Olive oil gives antioxidant properties while sunflower oil and Panthe..


Mini Body Butter with Donkey Milk 60ml

Body butter with donkey milk. It nourishes the skin and helps it to keep its elasticity, offering youthful appearance and brightening. Apply the body butter with circular movements on clear body until it is absorbed...


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