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Frequent Questions

How can I calculate the shipping for my country?

1. You will find the products that you want and you will press add to card.

2. Up and right on your screen you will see your shopping card. 

You will get in your shopping card and in that step you will choose the circle button, which says "Estimate Shipping & Taxes". Consequently, you will complete your country, your region/state and your code area and you press the button, which says "Get Quotes". On that point  you can see your shipping cost according to the parcel's weight.

3. After that you can continue your shopping, by pressing "continue shopping"or you can finish your order, by pressing "check out"or you can remove something from your card.

4. By pressing "check out" you can complete your personal information (be careful to choose the button that you agree with terms and policy) and also you can choose the way that you want to pay.

Customer Care


We would like to inform our customers that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergency measures that are taken from time to time by all countries, there may be delays in the delivery of parcels. There is an increased volume of parcels in postal systems and delivery times in many countries have been doubled.

Thank you.