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Foot Cream Cracked Heel 100ml

Foot Cream Cracked Heel 100ml

Foot Cream Cracked Heel 100ml

  • Brand : Herbolive
  • Product Code : HFT-CRACK
  • Availability : Out Of Stock
  • 7.90€


Foot cream for cracked heels. It contains aloe, panthenol glycerin, urea, olive oil, almond oil and shea butter. Ideal formulation for very dry, rough, chapped and deeply cracked skin. It repairs cracked heels restores the skin's elasticity, softens hard skin, while protecting against the formation of calluses and the apperance irritation and redness. It is rapidly absorbed, leaving the feet soft and smooth. It replenishes and protects against dryness and roughness, while its special ingredients penetrate and soften the layers of the skin eliminating undesirable odors.

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