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Men's Pomade for hair and beard with Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Laurel oil 75ml

Natural men's pomade for hair and beard . It contains coconut oil, organic olive oil, beeswax and laurel oil. Nourishes, smarms and softens hair and beard.USE: Rub the desired ammount of pomade on your palm until it warms up and becomes pliable and t..


Men's Shampoo for Daily use 250ml


Men's Shampoo for Daily use 250ml

Shampoo for daily use with organic olive oil, aloe juice, panthenol and gentle cleansing agents that effectively clean the hair without causing irritation to the scalp. The combination of the natural ingredients work soothingly, while helping to reta..


Men's Shampoo for Strengthening 250ml

Men's shampoo for hair strengthening. It contains Olive oil, for hydration and care of hair and scalp. Laurel oil, Vitamine E and special amino acids that strengthen the scalp and increase the hair volume. Also it contains mild cleansers that do not ..


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