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After shave gel with Aloe and Chamomile 75ml

After shave gel light in texture without alcohol. It contains natural polysacharides, that creat a film of hydration, refreshness and rejuvination. Aloe, Chamomile extracts, Panthenol and Organic Virgin Olive Oil, which help to avoid irritations and ..


Men's Age Defence Face Cream 70ml


Men's Age Defence Face Cream 70ml

Men's face cream light in texture. It contains hyaluronic acid, mastic oil, argan oil, olive oil, shea butter and natural polysacharides. The combination of these ingredients creates a cream which prevents the signs of aging, firming and keeps the fa..


Men's all over rich cream with Hyaluronic acid and avocado 100ml

Men's cream for face, body and hands. It contains avocado and argan oils, hyaluronic acid, nourishing  natural butters and a mixture of vitamins E and B5. A unique composition that offers nourishment and hydration to the whole body while enhanci..


Men's Pomade for hair and beard with Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Laurel oil 75ml

Natural men's pomade for hair and beard . It contains coconut oil, organic olive oil, beeswax and laurel oil. Nourishes, smarms and softens hair and beard.USE: Rub the desired ammount of pomade on your palm until it warms up and becomes pliable and t..


Shave foam soothing with Aloe and Olive leaf extracts 100ml

Gentle shaving foam with natural formulation, without propellants and alcohol. It contains aloe, olive leaf extracts, Panthenol and betaine. Aloe and olive extracts care and protect the skin from irritation, while Panthenol softens the skin and beard..


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