Conditioner Olive Oil and Mountain Herbs 200ml

  Herbolive conditioner with olive oil and mountain herbs is essential for use after shampooing. It helps the hair to be soft and to be brushed them easily. It cares and protects hair during summer, as the sun rays and sea salt damage it...


Conditioner with Coconut Oil 200ml

Hair conditioner with coconut oil and Panthenol. Coconut oil offers nourishment and glow. Wash your hair and then apply a good quantity and let it to act for a while and then rinse it with plenty of water. Your hair will be soft, shiny and flavored w..


Conditioner with Olive Oil and Aoe Vera 200ml

Herbolive conditioners are essential for use after shampooing, developed to soften, care and protect hair during extreme weather conditions, like summer when the sun rays and sea salt damage it. They make hair easy to comb, offering vitality, volu..


Conditioner with Olive Oil and Argan Oil 200ml

  Organic Olive Oil and Argan Oil, Vitamins A and E. Panthenol contain antioxidants known for their hydrating and reconstructing properties. A unique combination of ingredients in addition to a sun protection filter that helps protect the..


Hair Conditioner with Argan Oil 200ml



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