Moisturizing Creams

Face Cream Brightening Antispot 50ml

It is a face cream, which prevents and protects the skin from the spots. This face cream constitutes a unique formula with organic olive oil and extracts of dittany and salicornia. Dittany has antioxidant properties and salicornia offers ..


Face Cream for Sensitive and Blemish Skin 50ml

Face cream with sage. It is ideal for sensitive skin with redness and spots. This unique formula contains sage, shea butter and vitamin E. Its ingredients can help the skin to stay hydrate, while it protects and helps to reduce skin imperfections ..


Silky Face Cream for Young Skin 30ml

A light texture's cream suitable for young skin. It contains almond oil, organic olive oil, olive leaf, linseed lignans, pomegranate's extract and tea tree oil .The linseed lignans and pomegranate extract gives its antioxidant properties to the skin...


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