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Body Scrub

Body Scrub with Caffeine and Salt 200ml

Body scrub in mousse form with coffee beans and coarse salt. Removes dead cells and significantly reduces the appearance of orange peel. It contains centella and guarana extracts, which in combination with the coffee beans detoxifying and revitalise ..


Exfoliating Shower Gel with Propolis 250ml

Gentle exfoliating shower gel for the body. It contains olive stones that help exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. Also contains propolis which has a soothing effect on irritations. Unique composition that helps in deep cleansing of the skin wh..


Shower Scrub with olive stones 200ml

A light exfoliating shower gel that contains organic olive oil, panthenol, aloe vera and natural olive seed powder. Deeply cleanses the skin and removes dead cells by lightly exfoliating which is caused by the natural pieces of olive oil seed powder...


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